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The New Taste

Every couple that is about to enter their marriage wants their wedding to be filled with memorable moments with friends and family. That is why a perfect wedding can’t be lack of a connection between factors like emotions, organization, decoration, reception and cuisine. And to get this, couples need to research and consider carefully before choosing their wedding partner.

“The New Taste” was a premium wedding event introducing new culinary flavors organized by Gala Royale Event Hall and Marry – the no.1 wedding information channel in Vietnam. In this special event, couples had the opportunity to experience new wedding menus and drinks created by Gala Royale, visited banquet halls with trending decoration themes in 2018 and 2019, enjoyed a wonderful music atmosphere and our professional service.

The New Taste was not only a gala dinner with new experience, but it was also the name of our new wedding menu that we crafted for the 2018 wedding season. Aroma, color and flavor were what the diners can feel in each dish that was served. With a long list of novel and flavorful dishes, Gala Royale successfully brought satisfaction to our diners.

The quality, sophistication and harmony between modernity and tradition are what MasterChef Ngo Thanh Hoa felt when experienced our new wedding menu with nearly 100 couples. For those who are about to get married, this is a menu worth considering.

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