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Macrobiotics Buffet

To be peaceful in life, to relax in the soul and to be calm with everything – those seem to be the eventual human desire in contemporary life. Japanese people are known for their high life expectancy. It is easy to see that they have a balanced diet and they also originate Macrobiotics. Macrobiotics can be defined as the nutrients from plants, or in other words, fruits and vegetables are the main sources of this diet.

Many people misunderstand that it is not different from vegetarian diet. However, the difference is the balance and harmony of processing, combining and enjoying food. Macrobiotics is close to a monk’s diet, while at the same time integrated with modern nutrition science. It is truly a solution for those who wish to be “zen” while maintaining good health.

With great awareness of this value, Gala Royale Event Hall partnered with Homefood – a company that specialized in clean, safe and hygienic agricultural products: homegrown green vegetables and aromatic whole rice grains… to create a Macrobiotics menu. The Macrobiotics Buffet Night with the theme “Find Life Balance Again” was held in an elegant space and had 80 diverse and delicious dishes.

The Macrobiotics Buffet Night was initiated with the desire to bring tasty choices to our customers while still help them to maintain a healthy lifestyle from the simplest things.

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