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Love Stories

Congratulations on finding yourself a loving partner, a life-time company! These will be busy days to prepare for a beautiful wedding that marks a delightful beginning of your marriage. With more than 10 meaningful and colorful decoration themes, we can definitely design a perfect wedding just for you two. Soft and passionate like Jardin de Fleurs, or royal and haughty like Gorgeous Scarlett,… We believe that you will find your style in our wedding decoration collections below.

Wedding Decoration Themes

  • Diamond


  • Pearl


  • The Lover

    The Lover

  • Heart Me

    Heart Me

  • Legend of Ruby

    Legend of Ruby

Wedding party types


Round table

While the round table wedding style is traditional, it never goes out of style and is suitable for all wedding ideas. At Gala Royale, our guests will be impressed as soon as they enter the reception area. Every detail at the reception area, on stage and banquet tables are decorated by our experts and skilled craftsmen, making your party livelier and more luxurious.

The delicate combination of deluxe Tiffany chair and high-quality imported silk flower brings a sweet but classy wedding atmosphere, creating a signature royal style that you can only find at Gala Royale.

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  • Round table
  • long-table

    Long table

    The long table wedding trend is no longer uncommon and is often favored due to its novelty and distinctiveness. At Gala Royale, besides of traditional round table style, classy long table weddings also bring a splendid, romantic and cozy experience to our customers.

    The delicate combination of deluxe Tiffany chair and high-quality imported silk flower brings a sweet but classy wedding atmosphere, creating a signature royal style that you can only find at Gala Royale.

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  • Long table
  • cocktail-table

    Cocktail table

    Cocktail reception has been very popular in Western weddings and is now becoming familiar in Vietnam. The cocktail tables combined in our royal atmosphere create an impressive and romantic Western wedding scene.

    With a harmonious and delicate blend of high-quality imported silk flowers, our guests will be impressed and overwhelmed with a lively and classy wedding space right from the moment they enter the reception area throughout the banquet tables and the stage.

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  • Cocktail table
  • Cuisine


    With the experience and talent of a 5-star hotel chef team in Vietnam, the tailored dishes in each menu at Gala Royale are carefully chosen to maintain harmony in taste and balance in nutrition, in line with the current healthy eating trend of our diners. A traditional 7-course round table menu, a majestic seafood buffet, or a vegetarian wedding menu? The talent of our chefs will bring satisfaction and wonderful impression to each customer.




    To spark emotions from every guest is the goal that Gala Royale set for each program. Besides programs such as event openings and performances that are tailored to suit our wedding atmosphere and style, we are also happy to create a party script according to your ideas and rehearse it before the party. These will be the key highlights of your party, as well as memories and moments that you two and your family will keep for the rest of your life.

    • Dang Khoa & Giang Huyen
    • Trung Hieu & Truong Giang
    • Tran Nghia & Ngoc Quynh
    • Hien & Mi
    • Tuan Hung & Phuong Quynh
    • Dang Khoa & Giang Huyen

      I sincerely thank Hang and Gala Royale for accommodating us throughout the preparation for our big day. We are very satisfied with your services and timely support to assist our ever-changing demand. Wish Gala Royale great success and will accompany more couples like us in the future!

    • Trung Hieu & Truong Giang

      We feel very satisfied from the moment we were consulted all the way to the wedding day, especially with the kind support from Hang. We sincerely thank everyone at Gala Royale Event Hall for making our big day fulfilled and memorable.

    • Tran Nghia & Ngoc Quynh

      I sincerely thank the wonderful help from everyone in Gala Royale, from the security guys to the management team. We are very happy with the top-notch service quality and received many compliments from our guests. Special thanks to Hang for translating all of my ideas, making the wedding cozier and more meaningful. Thanks for everything!

    • Hien & Mi

      Thank you Trinh for thoughtfully consulting us as well as for your kind wishes for our wedding. Thanks Tam for helping us choose a very impressive decoration package. We also would like to thank the managers and event team for your professionalism. Overall, we are very satisfied with the services from Gala Royale Event Hall.

    • Tuan Hung & Phuong Quynh

      We would like to thank Gala Royale and Nhi very much. We are absolutely satisfied with our wedding from the decoration, organization to food. There is also a very energetic and lovely event specialist that we are impressed with.