The Wedding Station 2020 - Gala Royale - The Event Hall
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The Wedding Station 2020

August is when the season of love blooms and also when couples are eager to prepare for their first wedding sample experience at The Wedding Station. In the autumn hue that sparks loving warmth, the couples will be immersed in romantic emotions of wedding has grown collections, the best wedding accessories and sensational music show.

To bring an unforgettable experience to diners, our chefs always focus on the deliciousness, uniqueness and presentation of each banquet table. The harmony in taste and presentation is mainly focused on. The dishes will go from light in appetizer, to bold in main course and ends with excitement in dessert.

With innovative efforts, every day, Gala Royale and Le Jardin hope to bring perfect and fulfilled weddings to young couples and create a memorable experience for each guest. We would like to sincerely thank the participation of couples and partners for making the program successful.