The Mother Feast - Gala Royale - The Event Hall
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The Mother Feast

Mother’s Day has been one of the special occasions in foreign countries for everyone to express gratitude to their mothers. However, in Vietnam, Mother’s Day is still quite unfamiliar, even though mothers are the closest to our hearts, and their love is always immense as the ocean.

With the desire to bring the Western culture of expressing gratitude to mothers into the lives of Vietnamese people, to give them an opportunity to express their loving but hard-to-say appreciation to their mothers, every year, Gala Royale organizes a Gratitude Gala Dinner – Celebrating Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May.

The event has brought exciting surprises to the guests because of the unique meaning that was subtly delivered through the organization of the show. In the musing melody, the first expressed gratitude bridged the gap between mothers and their children.

We also brought to the event an unique dining experience with a 5-star menu from top chefs, dedicated only to the “special queens” in our splendid space at Gala Royale.